Case studies

Learn more about how these approaches have been applied through work in various cities

Sunlight’s Open Cities team has been researching and piloting best practices in facilitating community use of open data to continuously develop our Tactical Data Engagement (TDE) framework. Here are some examples:

Other examples

The types of approaches described on this site have also been used by government agencies outside of work being done by the Sunlight Open Cities team. Here are a few examples:

Beta testing

In March 2017, we released the beta version of our TDE guide and began reaching out to What Works Cities to gather feedback on the guide’s instructions for city officials. As a result of those productive conversations, we found opportunities to start piloting the framework itself with cities in the What Works Cities partnership.

In beginning to pilot the approach, we hoped to confirm our framework’s relevance to city open data goals, iteratively improve the TDE model to ensure our process is replicable and intuitive enough for cities to use on their own, and to develop new case studies to demonstrate the types of tactical approaches that we believe will facilitate the community use of data. Read more about our TDE pilot projects: